The World Garden - Basic Package


Grow food indoors and outdoors, 365 days a year.  Perfectly sized portable designer-garden is beautiful, functional and expandable.  Your own personal, therapeutic or sensory garden.

Perfect for growing microgreens, seed starting or getting a head start in the growing season.

Standard World Garden Features

  • Self watering - reduces water consumption, providing water where veggies need it most - from roots up
  • Ceramic hydroponics beads
  • Perfect size - fits standard 10x20 grow trays for microgreens
  • Overflow reservoir - catches water overflow with accidental overwatering
  • Braille coordinates - allow for universal garden planning
  • Expandable pockets - allow for placement of current and future accessories

Click here to download the instructions - or watch the video below:



  • Outside Footprint: 34.5" x 24.5" x 23" height including casters (87.8 cm x 62.3 cm x 57.9 cm)
  • Planting Area:  79 cm x 51.5 cm x 26.5 cm (31 in x 20.125 in x 10.5 in) 4070 sq cm (630 sq in)
  • Planting Volume:  .11 cu m (3.89 cu ft)
  • Will fit a standard 10 x 20 Microgreens tray.
  • Material:  food grade BPA-free, thylate-free polymer
  • Water reservoir capacity:  Apx 8 litres (2.1 gallon, or 270 oz)
  • Overflow reservoir capacity: Apx 1 litre
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Number of Boxes: 1

Remember when you were a kid, the strawberries exploded in your mouth like sweet nectary goodness?  Carrots pulled right out of the garden and washed with the garden hose were rich and tasty.  Tomatoes carefully draped across your sandwich were red and bursting with delicious flavour?  Yeah, I remember too.  Now my strawberries are the size of baseballs, and have zero flavour except traces of a strange metallic pastiness that seems to stick on the middle-front of my tongue…

Pesticides.  It’s them.  And no matter how much I wash my food I still taste them.

Something’s happening to our food.  Mangos picked green without given a chance to mature are gassed with ethylene and show up a week later in your grocery store perfectly ‘ripe’.  It doesn't make sense.

Bags of organic kale and spinach frequently get recalled because of e-coli.  What the kale is going on here?  

Vegetables are force-fed by synthetic fertilizers to grow faster and quicker in commercial farms, however as an end result, lacks most of it’s flavour and nutrient content.  

It is said that the average meal travels about 24,000 kms to get to your plate.

Something needed to change, and I wanted it to start with me.

But probably just like you I have a busy life.  Between my family, friends, kids, my job and my sports and interests, there’s not a whole lot of time for much of anything else - let alone grow food.  And I have a yard, but it’s not very big.  I don’t have much room for gardens.  Third, I live in Canada which means my summers and growing season are very limited.

So I designed The World Garden so that I could grow food for my family regardless of where I lived in the world.  I designed it for me.  But if you share some of the same concerns as I do, you can say that I designed it for you too.

So welcome to the Vita family and thank you for buying a Vita World Garden.  


Let’s do some amazing things for our families.  Let’s take control of our food.

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