Paul Smith - Organic Gardening Master

Paul Smith



About Paul Smith:

As a fourth generation homesteader, and along with my wife Jan, we are the sole owners and operators of Smith Homestead.

Even as a young boy I was attracted to the freedom and self sufficient way of what life taught to me by my parents and grandparents. These beliefs and teachings have manifested over the years to become a person of enterprising actions against the normal flow of todays society. I strive to demonstrate a deep respect for the land and my surroundings which I have learned from.

The love of the outdoors with both flora and fauna that drives me to learn on my own terms.
I try to encourage people to be self reliant, how to be happy in their own space and how they can apply themselves with positive results.

I believe you can only learn so much from books and that you have to go and learn from experience and exercising your imagination and forward thinking. It isn't about how much you have, it's living a solid lifestyle, being creative, going in the right direction and appreciating your surroundings that makes a rewarding happy and healthy way of life.

I am pro-active and involved within my community as:

  • Committee member of Heritage St. Clair
  • Board of Director member of Tourism Sarnia Lambton
  • Representing the southwest quadrant of Lambton County on the Creative County Council.
  • Hosted 2012 Doors Open on the farm
  • Hosted 2012 Food Day Canada representing local Lambton producers at the farm
  • Raise horses and other livestock on the farm

I have taught both graphic design, industrial design, applied arts and ecological gardening at community colleges and have a College degree in industrial design.
For over 30 years, I owned and operated a successful pre-print production and design business.

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