About Us

Welcome to Vita!

We started with the launching of The African Keyhole Garden - a product that helps solve the ever increasing issue of drought in North America.  It took us all the way to Africa to build the beginning of 500 gardens through the Kageyo Garden Project.  What we realized through this is that we're passionate about solving problems.

You will find Vita innovating unique and beautiful products that will help you grow vegetables.  We hope that we as a company inspire you in every way to grow, share and give.

The world needs vegetables!

Meet us:

Eddie DeJong - Chief Dreamer & Inventor

Eddie's responsible for making our products functional and aesthetic.  He's all about innovation and creativity and through the Vita designs.  Eddie represents Vita to most international clients.

In his free time, Eddie enjoys restoring his vintage 1954 Land Rover, as well as playing some of his 1/2 dozen different instruments.  He also has a love for stand-up paddle-boarding on Lake Huron, adventurous travelling, and the Green Bay Packers.


Melissa Hoadley - Magicianesse of Marketing

Melissa takes care of the entire Vita image and makes sure that all marketing materials look awesome.  She also represents Vita to our many of our great collection of clients.

Melissa enjoys most free time taking part in improv classes and working out.  When not in town, she can usually be found in the library or wandering around Time's Square, New York.