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The Ebb and Flow of Composting.

by Eddie DeJong | | 0 comments

One of the most fascinating things in gardening is the composting action.  The way that Nature will naturally convert common kitchen waste into rich nutrients and vitamins to feed vegetables you would like to grow.  I find this complete lifecycle of nature brilliant and self sustaining.

When we started out with our Keyhole Garden Kit prototype, I read many things about composting and the natural cycles it goes through, but just to simply watch what is going on inside through internal temperature changes is extremely interesting.

This summer of 2014 has been one of the coolest summers that I can ever imagine.  If there would be a summer that would keep our Keyhole Garden bed consistently cool and inactive it would be this one.

Most evenings aside from a few, the temperatures have been very cool - down to 60 degrees F in some instances.  But notice that even after a week of cool evenings and days, the temperature in the Keyhole Garden has actually increased in a week.  This will ebb and flow in a cycle indefinately as long as there's composting action in the system.

Here's a couple of images below to show the temperature change in 1 week in our Vita Keyhole Garden. 

The first one was taken on August 22nd 2014, and shows soil temperature just below 80 deg F.  The second one shows it almost pushing 95 deg F after one week and at 7:30 AM while ambient temperature is about 62 deg F.  Last night it went down to 54 deg F.

Temp Aug 22 14 SMTemp Aug 29 14 SM

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