Sharing Life

Sharing Life with Rwanda

by Eddie DeJong |

Giving back to Rwanda for the African Keyhole Garden is a great idea - but but in order to do this correctly we needed to partner with an organization already on the ground with the resources to make this happen.  It would be far too costly to try and 'reinvent the wheel' when there are lots of existing organizations who have already made great inroads.

I personally sponsor a few kids in Africa and one of them is through an organization called Africa New Life.  We love what they do for our kids.  They have small overhead - and seem pretty nimble and streamlined.  Plus the level of responsiveness when more information is needed is excellent.

All of these things motivated me to give them a call.  

They were more than excited when we approached them with the idea.  And over the next few blog posts you will see what kind of things we will be doing together to share life with the people who helped us bring the Keyhole Gardens into production!


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