The African Keyhole Garden

by Eddie DeJong |

I was recently reading about an African Gardening technique that immediately fascinated me.  The Africans had come up with a gardening technique designed to counteract often difficult growing conditions in some places in Africa.

I knew quite well that there are places in Africa that must be near impossible to grow vegetables.  There are places in Rwanda has little rainfall and constant heat.  Soil conditions quite poor.

But some African gardens have come up with a purely genius idea that we loved so much, we wanted to adopt into our own products.

They found that instead of trying to use the existing poor nutrient starved soil, they found a way to not only abandon the existing soil, but to use up their waste material to build the garden bed.  The waste material would convert itself to rich nutrients providing food for the plants themselves.

Furthermore they found a way to build a composter directly into the garden bed so that when they discarded their kitchen scraps, twigs , sticks and other organic waste, it would be quickly utilized and converted into food.  The perfect gardening and composting solution.  Then they made an accessible groove into the round garden to give access to the composting area.  They called it the 'Keyhole Garden' since from above it looks like a keyhole.

We were so impressed, that we decided to take that concept and bring our own African Keyhole garden kit to the world.  

But - since we got this great idea from Africa - we felt that we needed to do something in return for the African People.  So that's when we decided to team up with an organization called Africa New Life - who already has people on the ground in Rwanda - to build more Keyhole Gardens for communities in need.

Follow the blog and join us on our journey to Rwanda to share life with others.

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